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  • Great events are routine

    The only city in Latin America to receive the Grand Prix (GP) Formula 1, besides that São Paulo Fashion Week, Arts, Architecture and Books Bienal, Automobile Saloon

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    Encourage your clients to stay another day in São Paulo and enjoy the city's numerous entertainment offer.

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    Planning an event in SP? Get to know the institutional support program of SPTuris and offer to the participants the most in how to enjoy even more this amazing destination.

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Discover the several facets of the City through our institutional promotional material. Download maps, thematic itineraries, specific guides, and much more that show the best of São Paulo.

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São Paulo is one of the largest metropolises on the planet, so it is essential the understanding of the city’s dynamic to better planning the logistic of your event. Find here a city map with the neighborhoods and areas which best fit your needs.

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Do you want to offer tips and information to your events' attendees about what to do in this metropolis? Click here to know our suggestions of itineraries in the city separated by neighborhoods and/or thematic tours.

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